Club Nights

Club nights are held in Dalton Terrace, on Monday evenings, from September to June. (See Dates & Fees and Location for details.) Hall doors will normally be open at 7:00pm, with dancing from 7:30pm to 10:00pm. A short break is taken half way through the evening for light refreshments.

If you intend to park in Driffield Terrace, ensure that you check the parking restrictions carefully.

Next Club Evening will be on Monday 11th December

Angie's programme.

(Crib sheet here)

Each dance title now links to the appropriate page on the Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary. The link opens in a new tab. This means you can get access to the videos for each dance and also a link to the crib. If there is no video we will state this.

Good Hearted Glasgow
Toast to the Mousies
Muse Cottage
Chequered Court
Platinum Celebrations - no video available.


Joie de Vivre
Castle of Mey
Dundee Whaler
Pelorus Jack
Orchards of County Armagh
Mairi's Wedding

(MC Area)